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Progress of Implementation of GST by RWF

Implementation of GST in Indian Railways & at  Rail Wheel Factory.

Minutes of 1st RWF GST Meeting on 24.05.2017.

Provision of Dummy GSTIN, Structure of GSTIN, Railways dummy GSTIN.



RB Lettter No                  Date                 RBA No GSTCircular No                  Subject                                                                                                                                                                                                             
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 03.04.2018 38  16  GST Rate for Catering Service
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 31.03.2018 15  35  Serial Number of Tax Invoice under GST.
2017/ACII/1/12/GST/e-way Bill 27.03.2018 29  12  E-way Bill Procedure.
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST/ reference  21.03.2018 26   10  Issues relating to GST - Action by 31.03.2018
 2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 10.03.2018 24  09  GST Data
 2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST 26.02.2018 13   08  GST Data
 2016/AC-II/01/M isc/GST (Part) 22.02.2018 12  07  GST Zone-wise/State-wise Data
 2017/AC-II/1/12/GST/E.way Bills 05.02.2018 07   08 E-Way Bill procedure.
 2017/AC-II/1/12//GST/E-Way Bill 30.01.2018 05  04. Procedure to be followed by all ZRs/PUs for complying the provisions relating to generation of E-way Bill contemplated in CGST Rules, 2017 as a transporter of goods by Rail.
2016/ACII/01/Misc/GST 19.01.2018 04   03 Manual Filing of applications for Advance Ruling and appeals before Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling - reg.
2016/ACII/01/Misc/GST 08.01.2018 01   GST Data
2017/ACII/1/6/Main (Vol.II) 26.12.2017 181   GST Matters
2016/ACII/01/Misc./GST 15.12.2017 176   Corrections of Manual Data of July’2017
GST No. 79 12.12.2017   ---   Filing of Form TRAN-I to avail Input Tax Credit
TC-II/2003/2014/Policy-election (CAPF)  17.11.2017  ---   Procedure for booking of special trains/coaches by IRCTC on behalf of Ministry of Home Affairs for movement of Paramilitary Forces during Assembly Election in Himachal Pradesh in November,2017 and in other states in future.
TC-II/2046/2017/GST/Parcel 14.11.2017 ---   Clarification regarding imposition of GST on transportation of certain commodities by Rail
2017/AC-II/1/6/Main (Vol.II) 05.12.2017 172   Transitional Guidelines
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 27.11.2017 168   GST Data
2016/ACII/01/Misc./GST 21.11.2017 165   Problems faced in uploading of data in GSTN portal.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc.GST 20.11.2017 164   Change in Rate for Catering Services 
2016/ACII/1/6/Vol.II 01.11.2017 158   Extension of timelines
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 30.10.2017 156   Last date for filing of GSTR3B Return
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queries 23.10.2017 152   GST on sale of Scrap
2016/AC-II/GST 18.10.2017 151   Notification
2017/ACII/01/18/GST Queries 16.10.2017 150   Applicability of GST relating to expenditure through imprest
2017/TC(FM)/11/10 19.09.2017  ----   Incorporation of GST Clause in Parcel Lease documents.
2016/AC-II/01/06(CRIS) 09.10.2017 143   GST-Accountsl
2017/AC-II/1/6/Main/Vol.II 06.10.2017 142   Availing of Input Tax Credit.
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queries 04.10.2017 140   Applicability of GST relating to expenditure through imprest
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II 22.08.2017 ---   Corrigendum to RBA100-GST&PAN Details of IRFC
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 04.10.2017 138   Last date for filling of GSTR3B return
ERB-I/2017/23/17 02.05.2017 ----   Nomination of ED/TC(R) in GST Committee
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 22.09.2017 132   Checking of GST related data.
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37(ZR) 22.09.2017 131   Development of Module for Imprest bill passing in IPAS (GST enabled)
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 22.09.2017 129   Registration for deduction of TDS.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 22.09.2017 128   Last date for filing of GSTR3B Return
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST (Non RBA) 14.09.2017 ---   Information regarding consultancy in respect of GST.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 12.09.2017 125   Processing of Manual Data for upload in GST
2008/RS(G)/777/1 05.09.2017 124   Evaluation of offers under GST Regime.
2016/ACII/01/Misc.GST  06.09.2017 123   System based reconciliation of information furnished in form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-2 with form GSTR-3 B-reg
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST 04.09.2017 ----   Upload of data relating to GSTR1 for July, 2017
2017/AC-II/2/5 29.08.2017 122   Schedule on GST in monthly Account Current
2017/AC-II/1/6(CRIS) 28.08.2017  120/2017   GST Related Data Entry and Modification of Data.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST  18.08.2017 ----   Filling of GSTR 38.
2017/AC-II/2/5 16.08.2017  116   Allocation codes for Goods and Service Tax (GST).
2016/AC-II/1/6/GST/Vol.II 11.08.2017 ----   Change in the site of GST Circulars
2016/AC-II/1/6/GST/Vol.II  10.08.2017 ----   GST Compliances
2016/AC-II/1/06/CRIS 10.08.2017 ----   Uploading of data of outward Liability and Expenditure related to GST
2016/AC-II/1/06/CRIS 10.08.2017 112   Data Integrity and Errors in Offline Data related to GST
ERB-I/2017/23/44 31.07.2017 111   Constitution of Committee to examine the impact of GST on works contract
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Voll.II  07.08.2017 110   Transitional Credits
2016/AC-II/21/8 04.08.2017 109   GST in IR: Assessing impact of GST over IR
2016/AC-II/01/6/Vol,II   03.08.2017 107   GST in IR - Claiming of Input Tax Credit (ITC)
2017/AC-II/01/6/Cab.Sec  02.03.2017 106   GST Implementation issues
2017/C&IS/GST/1 25.07.2017 ---   GST on IR-Readiness for filing Returns withGSTN
2008/RS(G)/777/1 21.07.2017 ---    Payment of taxes under GST regime
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II   21.07.2017 100   GST and PAN details of IRFC
2008/RS(G)/777/1 18.07.2017 97   GST exemption for railway equipment and materials moved by Indian Railways for its own consumption across various States. 
TC-II/2910/2017/GST/2  29.06.2017 96   Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on Transportation of Passenger by Rail. 
TC-II/2046/2017/GST/Parcel  29.06.2017 95   Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on Transportation of Parcel Traffic (leased or non-leased) by Rail. 
2017/CE-I/CT/5/GST   06.07.2017 94   Implication of introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on the ongoing contracts
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST-Queries  14.07.2017 93   GST interpretation-Transitional situations
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II 12.07.2017 92   GSTIN
2016/AC-II/1/6/Vol.II  07.07.2017 ---   GST on IR- Compliance in Production Unit
2016/AC-II/1/6/Vol.II 07.07.2017 ---   GST on IR- Input of Offline Data 
2017/CE-I/CT/4/GST 05.07.2017 89   Amendment in Clause 46-A Part-II of Indian Railways Standard General Conditions of Contract, July 2014-Price Variation Clause 
2016/AC-II/1/6/GST 04.07.2017 ---   Implementation of GST
2017/AC-II/1/8/GST  Feedback & Action 04.07.2017 88   Details of Nodal Officers
2017/AC-II/1/8/GST Feedback & Action 04.07.2017 87   GST Feedback and Action Room
2017/Track-1(P)/GST 30.06.2017 86   Invoicing for supply of Rails from SAIL under GST Regime.
2017/CRIS/NDLS-HQ/ADAR/PROJ/009 30.06.2017  85   User ID and Password for accessing utility for GST
30.06.2017  84   Provision of Dummy GSTIN
2016/CE-I/CT/12/GST/Pt.I 29.06.2017 83   Implementation of GST Act, 2017- Procedure for payment of Contractual bill.
2016/AC-II/1/6 (CRIS) 29.06.2017 82   GST in IR - Upload of Data by Production Units.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS references 29.06.2017 81   Format for GST related Manual Data Entry
2017/CE-I/CT/4/GST 29.06.2017 80   Compliance with the GST Act, 2017 - Change in para (a) of Clouse 6. Part-I of Indian Railways Standard General Conditions of Contract, July 2014
2017/AC-II/20/2 27.06.2017 79   Minutes of Review Meeting held with FA&CAOs/Zonal Railways & PUs on 14/6/17 in Board’s office.  
2017/AC-II/1/6  22.06.2017  78   GST-Accounting procedure - Input Tax Credits 
2017/AC-II/1/6  21.06.2017 76    GST Registration
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST  19.06.2017 74   Provision of Dummy GSTIN
2017/AC-II/1/6/Vol-II  19.06.2017 73   Allotment of PAN for GST
TC-II/2910/2017/GST/2 09.06.2017 72   The detailed approach paper for implementation of GST on the subject of Traffic Commercial Directorate 
2017/AC-II/1/6  16.06.2017  71   GST Registration
2016/AC-II/01/16/Vol.II 15.06.2017  70   GST Registration
2016/AC-II/1/6/GST  09.06.2017  69   Implementation of GST
2017/AC-II/1/6  07.06.2017 67   GST-Accounting procedure for capturing Output liability.
2016/AC-II/1/6 06.06.2017 66   GST - Registration
2017/AC-II/1/6 31.05.2017 64   Accounts Compendium & GST Circulars
2017/AC-II/1/6 25.05.2017  61   GST Registration
2017/AC-II/GST  23.05.2017  60   Preparing for compliance with GST Tax Act 2017
2017/AC-II/1/6 19.05.2017  59   Implementation of GST-Transitional Guidelines
2017/AC-II/1/6  19.05.2017 58   GST- Registration
ERB-I/2017/23/17    15.05.2017 57   Nomination of EDME(Dev), as Mmember of the Empowered Committee for overseeing & implementing GST vice EDME(W)
2016/AC-II/01/16 12.05.2017  55   Implementation of GST
2016/AC-II/1/6 12.05.2017 54   GST on IR: Software Changes in PUs
2017/AC-II/2/3 04.05.2017  52   Introduction of new PU for GST
2016/AC-II/01/6 03.05.2017  51   Implementation of GST.
2016/AC-II/01/16 19.04.2017  46   Implementation of GST
ERB-I/2017/23/17 29.03.2017 38   Creation of Empowered Committee for overseeing & implementing GST.
2017/O&M/6/2 29.03.2017 37   Creation of GST Cell in Board Office






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